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The finance professionals at AMAZING ASSETS can join project teams or fill temporary positions within an organization’s financial department.

Our finance professionals take responsibility, but also help their clients to further develop. Their flexibility enables them to a variety of positions from assistant controller to controller and business project manager to project leader.


The finance professionals of AMAZING ASSETS:

  • are well educated (at least Bachelor level);
  • have approximately 3 to 8 years of financial experience;
  • have good communication and project skills;
  • are professional and self-starting; and
  • get the job done for their clients.

AMAZING ASSETS ensures that its specialists deliver the proper support. We invest in training and education to stay on top of the latest developments and provide professional support during the assignment. The partners at AMAZING ASSETS are experienced (interim) managers with a solid financial background. So not only do we deliver high-quality work in each of our assignments, but we also act as a true partner for our clients.

AMAZING ASSETS’s finance professionals division is run by Jacco Kaandorp CA and Jan Schipper. Call for an appointment or a preliminary meeting with Jacco on or Jan on or send an email to or